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The aim of this is to provide an opportunity for you to share with us any relevant information about yourself, your diagnosed or suspected Disability(ies), such as Neurodiversity (Specific Learning Difficulties, ADHD and Autism), Long-Term Health/ Medical Condition, Sensory Impairment and Mental Health Condition. The University is committed to ensuring you can participate effectively in your chosen programme of study and all areas of university life. 


Once you have completed this form, the information you have provided will inform the Support Plan we create for you which will include details of the recommended reasonable adjustments. This will include eligible anticipatory reasonable adjustments such as access to teaching and learning information prior to teaching sessions, extra time in timed examinations, and individual adjustments such as access to information in specific formats / specialist study skills support.


The Support Plan will be shared with University academic and service teams subject to your permission to share.


We offer help to complete this form if needed. Please contact us via either:


or the Student Enquiry Point  

or attend a drop-in session with us (contact us for details).

This form may take you between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.