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In the below text box, please explain how the student representative you are nominating has met the following judging criteria.

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Institute Rep of the Year Judging Criteria 2021: 

They make a positive impact on the University experience of their peers. This could be change to the programme, teaching resources, assessments, or any part of the  broader student experience. 

They have actively engaged and led their whole cohort. This could be attempts to actively engage their entire cohort through digital and face-to-face  means. In doing so, please explain how they have demonstrated leadership. 

They work collaboratively with other Reps. This could be collaboration on the planning or promotion of feedback opportunities, ensuring feedback is passed between Reps where appropriate, working together to improve academic experience as a result of the feedback  

They close the feedback loop by informing students of the progress on any actions arising or the reasons why no action has been taken. Please explain how they keep in contact with the group, keeping them up-to-date and engaged  in changes to their experience.  

They have worked constructively in partnership with staff to deliver positive change for students. This could include work beyond formal meetings to raise students’ views, co-design aspects of  students’ experience, or pursue other representative activity in a professional and considerate  manner. 

They have sought to learn and develop their skills. This could include engagement with the Students’ Union, professional body or union, or other  opportunities to develop themselves; their knowledge, skills, and experience. 

They have gone above and beyond. Please explain how they have gone above and beyond the normal role of a Student Academic  Rep. 


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