Pedagogy in Practice Seminars (PIPs)

Due to the success of PIPs last academic year we are running a series of seminars again for staff to meet and share practice on teaching and learning themes face-to-face.They will take the form of a short presentation by the lead, followed by an opportunity for discussion.  All staff are welcome whether you teach or support student learning, and you are encouraged to share examples of successful practice as well as challenges to which you have found solutions, or that are yet to be solved!  Bring your lunch

The seminars this semester will be:

Wednesday 29th November 12 – 1pm

 “Assessment for Social Justice” - Nicky Meer

Via VC Carlisle (FS) SKF20 Skiddaw Building – Lancaster AXB031 Alexandra Building and Skype option

For assessments to be truly fair and/or equitable they need to go beyond a set of coherent and ‘sameness’ procedures to explore the lived realities of our students in order to ensure our assessment design and grading systems actively address ways to reduce injustice and advance justice through more flexibility and less culture-bound criteria. This PiP explores the notion of Assessment for Social Justice and will introduce staff to some of the underlying concepts and also spend time looking at ways in which we can better design our assessments and learn from those who already utilise this is in their assessment design.


Thursday 14th December 1 - 2pm


 " Sharing TEL tips to develop our digital capabilities" Sandie Donnelly


Lancaster Room SB204 Sentamu Building

Whether you’ve got some TEL tips to share or you want to make more use of technology in learning and teaching, please join our TEL PIP to share expertise, Christmas treats and find out about software available to staff and students at UoC.

Monday 18th December 12 – 1pm


"Use of Mentimeter to promote student engagement and inclusion" - Davina Hill & Kelly Fielden


Via VC Carlisle (SKF05) Skiddaw Building & (AXB002) Alexandra Building Lancaster and skype option available 


The provision of an effective learning environment is central to promoting engagement and is a key component of the Teaching Excellence Framework. Mentimeter, a technology-enhanced learning tool can be used to achieve this in a way that reaches multiple learners simultaneously and grants them anonymity. We will use this session to describe our research on student perceptions of Mentimeter, offer practical guidance on using interactive presentation software to promote engagement and inclusion, and provide a forum for discussion. We will focus on two features of Mentimeter: interactive multiple choice quizzes and the option for students to ask open anonymous questions during class


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