Page 1: About this Research

Green Space Research

This research aims to provide a picture of how young people interact with green spaces. It will focus on activities within green spaces and their frequency of use. The goal of the study will be to demonstrate the use of green spaces by young people and the improvements for them. The research is being conducted by the volunteers in the National Youth Agency Young Researchers Network.

Some questions you may have about the research project:

Why have you asked me to take part and what will I be required to do?

We have asked you so we can gather data on what young peoples' opinions on green spaces are; and fill in questions on the questionnaire. Your name won't be published so no one will know who you are. 

What if I do not wish to take part or change my mind during the study?

Your participation in the study is entirely voluntary. You are free to withdraw from the study at any time without having to provide a reason for doing so. If you wish to withdraw please email

What happens to the research data?

The data will be stored securely for six months and then deleted. The findings from the report will be written up into a report and shared with relevant organisations such as the National Youth Agency and government departments.

How will the research be reported?

The research will be presented in a written report; with publications made available on NYA’s website and their social media pages.

How can I find out more information?

Please contact the researchers at

What if I want to complain about the research

If you have any complaints please contact the research team at:


If you are happy with this information can you please answer the following questions:

1.1. Do you understand the information provided above about this research project? Required
2.2. Do you feel you have enough information about the study to take part? Required
3.3. Do you understand that you are free to withdraw from this study at any time, and without having to give a reason for withdrawal? Required
4.4. Your responses will be anonymised. Do you give permission for members of the research team to analyse and quote your anonymous responses? Required
5.5. If you are 16 can you please confirm that your parents or guardians know you are taking part in the research? Required