Page 1: Introduction

Digital Skills

The following Digital Skills Audit has been created to allow you to self-assess the basic IT / Digital Skills required to get you started in your studies. It will be most helpful to you if you are honest with yourself and then we can point you to resources that will help you most.

We ask for your email address, which is only used to identify University of Cumbria students amongst all respondents. This information will only be used for anonymous statistical analysis or to identify your responses if you lose your Response Sheet and request a new copy.

This is followed by 21 questions in the following format:

For each question there are two possible answers:

"Yes" which suggests that you are absolutely OK with this skill and do not currently require any additional help.


"I might benefit from..." which offers a link to a quick supporting tutorial or guide. You do not need to copy these links as they will all be available as part of your response sheet at the end.


Please enter a valid email address.