Section 1: Participant information, ethics and consent

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The aim of the research is to provide detailed information to national and local agencies to ensure planning for recovery from Covid-19 takes account of everyone’s views and needs.

The information you provide will be combined with other responses then analysed.  The findings will be used to write reports from the research, academic papers and conference presentations. Our final report will be sent to relevant Governmental Departments, local councils and voluntary groups to inform their planning. Our previous reports have been reviewed by the House of Lords and Public Health England.

If you are feeling creative you could also email us anything else electronic: a story, an audio or video recording, a picture or model. Send them to:

We will keep your identity anonymous and have not asked for your name to ensure you cannot be identified in any way. Your response will be added to many others and will not appear on its own. The survey data will be stored safely with encryption and destroyed after five years. 

You can withdraw from this research at any time without giving a reason for doing so and can ask questions about the research by contacting Professor Kaz Stuart:

University of Cumbria

Fusehill Street


Cumbria CA1 2HH

07921 388959

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