Project Information


Knowledge and Attitudes: Concussion in Equestrian Sports


About the study

The goal of the study will be to establish a baseline of knowledge and attitudes about concussion in equestrian sports. The study will also hope to identify any differences between different equestrian sports and areas of weaknesses in knowledge which can be used in future research to develop educational materials specific to athletes within different equestrian disciplines.  


The focus is on athletes from a number of equestrian sports, and it is hoped that a larger participant number can be gained by encouraging athletes to forward it to others. 


Some questions you may have about the research project:


Why have you asked me to take part and what will I be required to do? 

You have been asked to take part because you are an athlete competing within equestrian sports. You will be asked to read this information and provide your consent before completing an online survey regarding your knowledge and attitudes towards concussion. You will also be asked to complete a baseline characteristics survey which will provide information about your riding and concussion history. You will be able to complete the survey anywhere, it only requires internet connection and you only need to complete it once. 


What if I do not wish to take part or change my mind during the study?

Your participation in the study is entirely voluntary. You are free to withdraw from the study at any time without having to provide a reason for doing so.


What happens to the research data?

Access to the data will be strictly limited to the research team (the researcher, the research supervisor, the research module lead). The data will be anonymised and stored on a password-protected computer if exported from the survey provider. The survey provider adheres to all UK data protection laws and researchers are only able to access the data via a password protected login.


How will the research be reported?

Data will be stored for 1 year post-qualification: 1/11/2020. This is to allow time for the study to be developed for publication and wider dissemination at professional conferences.


How can I find out more information?

Please contact the researcher or research supervisor directly. 

Georgia Arnold


Jayne Coleman


Address: Department of Health, Psychology & Social Studies, University of Cumbria, Fusehill Street Campus, Fusehill Street, Carlisle, CA1 2HH


What if I want to complain about the research

Initially you should contact the researcher directly. However, if you are not satisfied or wish to make a more formal complaint you should contact Diane Cox, Director of Research Office, University of Cumbria, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3JD.



Thank you for taking part.